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swift solo canoes My Shearwater is not my favorite when I paddle without the dog (total load 190 or less) but I love it with the dog (250-ish) and I bet it covers miles better than the Prospector, plus it's better on moving water than the Kee15. 4. canoe, used less than a dozen times. Paddled with either a traditional … Continued Click below to browse the models we carry by canoe category. A masterful extension of Swift’s signature designs, the Cruiser 16. Sale price $0. Combining length, volume, and stability, the Cruiser 14. We couldn’t follow the lead of every other canoe company and call this model a Prospector, even though it is our most versatile design. We offer FREE on-water demos by appointment and are ready to get you on the water! Sep 19, 2021 · Swift canoe, Dumoine in Royalex plastic, 16' 8" long. Esquif Adirondack T-Formex Solo Canoe. With its high weight capacity and generous length you can bring all the gear you need and still cruise with ease. A special sealant ensures long-lasting water-tightness. (For other solo options, check-out our Tranquility and our Prospector 16. Formed . hyper blue, white bottom. The Fast Trick Sixteen. Solo-canoeing is a great pastime, especially if you like paddling more than your friends. Sale & Demo Weekends; Selling On Consignment; Swift Canoe & Kayak Demo Days; Regional Paddling Races; About Us . To be in the middle 40's is just not needed. Not pictured; Yakima straps . Comes with a rudder and bold reputation. Add to cart. Each canoe is custom built in the Kootenays to include your special requests, with a workmanship guarantee. Showing 1 - 25 of 25 results: PRODUCT . Welcome to Hornbeck Boats. Canoes. Solo boats do not have the weight in the bow a tandem does and do not need to be built this heavily. Try before you buy! Rent the boat for day or multi-day trip and apply this rental towards your purchase. Check out my other ads! Aug 12, 2021 · Ragnar - 45-50 lbs is heavy for a kevlar solo canoe. Tuf-weave® Flex-Core 54 lbs. The focus here is on solo canoes, Adirondack pack boats, and the gear used with them for day paddles, extended tripping, and freestyle paddling. 8 Cruiser 15. Gear, tackle, decoys and a dog. 6 products. Any serious solo tripper should be less than 40 pounds. Swift Canoe & Kayak 2394 Highway 11 North, Gravenhurst . Dec 18, 2018 · The Shearwater is the only Swift solo called out for stability and it is very stable for a solo. If you prefer traditional paddling while kneeling with the boat heeled over, or sitting upright with your feet forward, the Prospector 14 can accommodate any paddling style. A very nice tandem/solo fast canoe. Length: 15 ft 6 in. Our canoes are perfect for everything from fishing to just paddling around a lake. 1429. Nova Craft Canoes Made In Canada. Our newest line of watersports is our Lifetime Canoe. 75" at stern 16. 7 out of 5 stars 17. $979. This means it holds a bit less gear for touring than the longer ones. Solo Canoes. We design, build and sell double-paddle ultralight custom pack canoes. Check It Out . Display. Renowned for its versatility, the Solo excels at both lakes and moderate rapids. out of stock. This is a great recreational canoe, I use it for exploring, fun paddling and fishing. These boats were created for the 90 Miler Adirondack Canoe Classic race in its solo recreation class. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality canoes in the industry. Through skillful manipulation of the shape, the Osprey’s rockered, asymmetrical hull provides exceptional maneuverability yet remarkable tracking, while it’s high prismatic coefficient assures fast travelling. Model (solo) Keewaydin 14 $3,350; . City: Plattsburgh, NY. Modeled after our popular Adirondack kayaks, the Pack 12 is stable, roomy, and remarkably lightweight. Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Canoe. Our largest canoe yet. Tucker & Duke viewing the St Regis RiverScape in the Adirondack's. Boat and trailer at Olympia, Washington. 080″ stem caps with special T-6 alumilite finish rivets for top strength. When Harry left for CanoeSport Journal`~87, Sawyer went into a slow decline which saw them closing doors ~92. Price: $2,695 ($3,045 with wood trim) northstarcanoes. CASH and CARRY, 2000 Using the Kipawa primarily to solo, I placed permanent kneeling pads forward of the gluteal thwart and find I can go for hours in this position in spite of my 63 years. Solo Canoe; Tandem Canoe; Kayak; Pack Boat; Model Select a model. The Cruiser 16. If you spend your backcountry adventures t. Aug 06, 2021 · Hi everyone, I am looking for a canoe that I can paddle tandem or solo on lakes/flat water and portage and carry camping gear, etc. Depth: at bow 16. Of course, Sawyer didn't live in a vacuum. Width: 26. $1,595. Since 1970, Nova Craft has focused on helping our customers enjoy meaningful experiences in the stunning backdrop of the wilderness. B 17 Is it a Bomber? A Ted Bell 17? A Bear 17? Could be any or all of them. Swift currently markets two solo canoes - the Osprey and Keewayden 15. They are available in a composite lamination options. Swift Solo US 074 for sale. You could probably get two weeks worth of gear in a Shearwater if you paddled in freshwater. Cruiser 16. It is also available in kevlar and also in Tuf-Weave. ISO Swift Prospector 14’ solo canoe, with adjustable seat height, preferably. Wenonah's Tuf-weave® material is an interwoven fabric made of 50% polyester and 50% fiberglass that out performs either material alone. The Adirondack Pack 12 offers kayak-like performance with canoe-like comfort, giving you the best of both worlds. Swift said it will include three boats, one at 12-foot, 8-inches; one at 14-foot, 8-inches; and one at 16-foot, 8-inches . The big brother to the Swift Pack 12, the Swift Adirondack Pack 13. However, if you want versatility, you may want to consider spending the time learning how to competently solo a bigger/longer canoe. The Tuf-weave® layup results in our most durable composite canoes. 800. Wood and epoxy is recent, valued for showing the natural . Flex-core construction creates a more rugged canoe than our Ultra-light core, and is meant for general paddling on all but extreme waters. The customer is responsible for transportation costs to and from the Northstar Canoes factory in Princeton, MN. Optimal Load: 170–320 lbs. Toronto, ON. Known as our most friendly solo, canine companions are frequent crewmates. I have the Escapade in a kevlar/flex core layup. Sep 19, 2021 · Swift Keywaydin 15 foot solo. $3,200. Our boats are ideal for a wide range of paddling, whether pond-hopping in the Adirondack wilderness, river-tripping in the wilds of Maine, cruising the Boundary Waters of the Midwest or exploring the swamps of the South. It has a skinny swedeform hull and a fine entry. All canoe rentals include: - 2 paddles - 2 life jackets ( NRS Premium . So;~30 years, ~20,000 hulls This semi informed guess is exclusive of Sawyer of Canada, which became Swift Canoe & Kayak. Our unique process enables us to infuse the canoe hull and gunwales as one part by creating a bond between the hull and trim. 6 is stable, comfortable, and has plenty of room for storage. Here Swift has really missed the mark. I've had a lot of solo canoes over the years and 98% of my experience is kneeling but I'm starting to think about a sitting boat since it hurts my knees to kneel more than it used to. The ultimate wilderness tripping canoe - ultra-light, incredibly tough and very stable. Touring. Length: 10' 6" Material: Wood Wee Robbie's light weight and small size make it a solo boat that's a dream. Swift Swift Canoe & Kayak. 99 $999 . We are a Canadian canoe company with an appreciation for craftsmanship . Jun 27, 2019 · Solo canoes and more especially pack boats – a canoe-kayak hybrid – are, if not surging in popularity, at least back on the radar in a pretty big way. If you mainly plan on paddling smaller rivers and streams, look here or some highly maneuverable canoes that excel in down-river fun. The boats have always been around, said Scott Way, brand manager for Swift Canoe in Muskoka, Ontario . The narrower hull has a high final stability, but provides a more dynamic feel for speed and maneuverability. In stock. Flex-Core w/Aramid 54lbs. . Drop by our store and check out our large selection of canoes, kayaks, stand up boards. Esquif Esquif Echo T-Formex Solo Canoe w/ Ash Gunwales. NORTHERN SOLO CANOES. classic designs rendered in modern materials. Swift Carbon Fusion canoes are built with a urethane resin system for durability and longevity, and a thin exterior gel coat for a beautiful finish that incorporates UV protection. Who We Are; . My biggest complaint is weight. com. The why of that is a matter of awareness. Standard features include rot-resistant cherry rails, solid cell foam seat, and light but tough Yakima foot braces. 060″ aluminum deck caps and . Introducing the new Explorer 16. Old Town Canoe . Or it's just that little "ready to go" boat for a local moonlight paddle. Comes with pictured paddles. Northern Pack 13. It is the kevlar fusion layup with aluminum gunwales, cherry thwarts, cherry sliding seat (which is my only complaint)and color-matching skid plates. 8 Cruiser 16. ) You actually get the benefit of both options in one canoe. 6 Kevlar Fusion CKT Pack Boat. It is stable in the water and at only 15ft long it is nimble on the portage trail too. solo canoe Swift Keewaydin - $2000 (Saranac Lake, NY) Swift Keywaydin; 15 foot solo. I should also say that I'm biased and opiniated and fussy about my canoes. Shown in Yellow, Kevlar with Vinyl . Views: 169. Pack canoe buyers we have several models here for you to try including Swift Pack Canoes, Slipstream Watercraft, Northstar Adirondack Solo, Wenonah Wee Lassie, and Old Town Pack. 6. approx. Northstar continues the Bell tradition, making excellent tandem and efficient solo canoes with distinctive shouldered tumblehome on flared hulls. If you've got questions, we have answers. Designed with the unique combination of soft foam, mesh shoulders, patented round edges and durable Cordura nylon material, the Solo is well-suited for any performance . Canoeing is the ultimate way to experience the great outdoors. We have a well-stocked retail store with all your paddling accessory needs. Price: $1,500. 5". Carefree polyethylene. C$1,315. Check out my other ads! Northstar Canoes are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, to the original retail consumer, for the usable life of the canoe as defined by wear. $3,299 USD. Swift Solo Canoes 2021 Canadian Retail Pricing Keewaydin 14 Prospector 14 Keewaydin 15 39 lbs. Oct 30, 2020 · Prospector 14 - Swift Canoe & Kayak - People Who Know, Paddle Swift. I have studied the measurements of both and they are similar. standard outfitting. The canoe weighs 51 lb in this configuration. Our mission is to provide quality canoes, canoeing equipment, related products and services to outdoor minded people in a manner which enhances the quality of life for our owners, employees, customers, associates and suppliers. com If you need a solo canoe with those qualities then you need to spend 2 grand on a canoe. Versatility and reliability are the key characteristics of our entry-point Kevlar canoe. Using the Kipawa primarily to solo, I placed permanent kneeling pads forward of the gluteal thwart and find I can go for hours in this position in spite of my 63 years. Classic Outdoors offers a wide selection or Recreation, Traditional, Touring Canoes, both solo and tandem in Western Canada. The Legend is comfortable to paddle for long distances, and moves . If you don't plan to kneel, you should look for a canoe designed for sitting. CASH and CARRY, 2000 Views: 169. Here is an illustration. Used Royalex & Kevlar Canoes For Sale available Sept 2021 Solo, Tandem, 3-Person, and 4-Person from Wenonah, Souris River and Northstar Call: 800-328-3325 | Email: [email protected] $3,099 USD. Compare at. Oct 08, 2018 · Ted Bell sold Bell Canoes in 2006, took an 8 year break, and then, in 2014, started Northstar Canoes with expedition paddler Bear Paulson as General Manager. This boat was designed for the Adirondack Canoe Classic-The Ninety Miler. Grumman Canoes – Built For The Long Run Built to Last. It is nimble for carving turns on sheltered water, narrow, winding streams, yet is capable and inspires confidence in choppy open waters. Options. Give us at call: in Old Forge at (315) 369-6672 or in Saratoga Springs at (518) 584-0600. The entire boat has been custom finished by Swift Canoe in beautiful cherry wood which adds some additional weight, however this is negligible and still easily manageable. You can load it with four barrels and enjoy its moving water performance on an . Swift Prospector 15 Canoe. It comes with knee-pads, kevlar bow and stern skid-plates, and front and rear air bags, should you wish to paddle in rapids. 28 lbs. Mission Statement. $4050 $4095 $4095 $4050 $4095 $4095 26 lbs. Price: $2,000. Jan 05, 2016 · 01/06/2016 07:08AM. Kneeling is a matter of preference in a flatwater canoe. Souris River Canoes. 25’ Restored Old Town Wood and Canvas Canoe. I went to the Swift demo day at Rutabaga today to paddle the Swift solos that I've never paddled. 6 is suited to larger paddlers or those who simply like a little extra space! Swift Pack 13. Quick and maneuverable in a solo position, and smooth and stable as a tandem, it is the ideal cottage canoe. Tuf-weave® canoes offer improved impact resistance and are a great compromise between light weight . 8 Solo. Also, we can ship to most locations . If you are looking for an exquisite solo canoe, you won't be disappointed with this 39-lb. The name says it all. I also paddled the Keewaydin 15 in the middle plus a Keewaydin 14 not shown. Trim Systems. 1429 [email protected] Find more contact information Swift Canoe & Kayak is a leading manufacturer of high quality composite canoes and kayaks, built right here in Canada. Our Swift Kevlar Fusion are made right here in Ontario and are available in three lengths to suit your needs. The hulls feature asymmetrical designs with exaggerated mid-ship tumblehome to ease padling position and aid in stroke efficiency. Optimum Load Range. It is a shorter touring canoe in a performance hull. com Officers. Damage to canoes, kayaks and gear will be assessed at the time of return and charged accordingly. It handles elegantly on lakes and in moving water (up to Class II). 062″ aluminum thwarts are secured with marine grade stainless steel bolts. However, deep canoes can be harder to handle in windy conditions and are also a little heavier on average. Default Title - Sold Out. $4,500. Contact us. 8 is the most versatile Pack boat Swift has ever designed. $4200 . For over 35 years, Savage River has designed and built ultra-light racing and tripping canoes. The Salus Solo makes any water sport safer and more comfortable with features like 8 points of adjustment, reflective trim and cargo-style pockets with fleece hand warmers. 5in gw / 30 in mx. Swift Canoe & Kayak 2394 Highway 11 North, Gravenhurst, Ontario P1P 1R1 705-687-3710 Toll-free 1. 41 lbs. With definitive lines and performance capabilities for both tripping and touring, the solo series meets the demands of the solo paddler. 585-367-3040. C$3,495. It is in the solo recreation class, 16' long with a beam of 22" at the 4" waterline. At 16’8” with ample waterline, significant tumblehome, and hybridized features of both marathon racing and expedition canoes, the Cruiser does exactly what its name implies. Swift Canoe & Kayak Demo Days; Regional Paddling Races . Our most popular Pack Boat just got more affordable! A great fishing platform, the Pack 13. Swift Canoe and Kayaks plans to unveil its full Cruiser line early in 2019. I brought 12 gallons of water on my 10-day trip, which is 100 lbs of water. Built for Adventure in the Canadian North. That does not mean it is too heavy for you to carry, just heavy by comparison. Solo Series. Weight: 33 lbs. A canoe with a larger depth means that you will have a higher carrying capacity and better water‐shedding ability. It is a fun boat to paddle either as a solo canoe or pack boat. With 4 stores across Ontario’s cottage country, we have everything you need to get out on the water! Toll-free 1. appox weight: 63 lbs. You’re welcome to buy directly from us or from one of our trusted dealers near you. Reserve your canoe for purchase now! We are accepting $250 deposits towards a specified make and model canoe with final payment and pick up as early as . There will be a minimum $100 charge for damages until the Swift Factory can make a full assessment. As of 2017 we also became the Australian importer for Silverbirch Canoes from the UK. The EAGLE 17 is excellent canoe for tandem or solo tripping , hunting and fishing. The Osprey draws on the lessons learned from our highly acclaimed tandem, the Dumoine. The New Tricks pack canoes have beams of 24" to 26" and a linear hull shape that allows them to cut through the water faster than Classic designs. For the fisherman or explorer it's an easy boat to get to those seemingly inaccessible ponds. NORTHWIND SOLO A solo canoe is good for the soul. The Keewaydin 15 is one of the best solo canoes I have ever paddled. The Quetico 17 is our best selling model, and for good reason. Whether you're interested in canoe touring, tripping or an afternoon of fishing, getting YOU time is as easy as ever. Wood and canvas replaced the birch bark construction of Native American origin in the mid 19th century. Wood trim was ok. For a solo canoe, you should look for a design that blends together and is very lightweight. The Shearwater is a roomy, stable solo tripper that is most at home on open water. 10% off for schools, scouts and other non-profit groups. We specialize in lightweight canoes perfect for the endless waterways of the Adirondacks. The B 17 will handle a month in the wilderness or carry the whole family for floats on the local river. Much of the information gathered here also applies to tandem canoes and recreational canoe paddling. With quick access to gear anywhere on the boat, it has all the functionality an aspiring fisherman or wildlife photographer could need. Excelling in Fibreglass, Kevlar, Carbon. Contact Us. 5", Beam at 4" waterline 33". Jun 29, 2019 · I went to a Swift demo day earlier this year mostly to try the 16. Swift Canoe Shearwater. Their rise was due, in part, to serial fire losses to Moore Canoe. $4350 $4395 $4395 Keewaydin 14 Prospector 14 Keewaydin 15 Cruiser 14. This trim system is light, strong and attractive. It is Kevlar fusion layup with multi-height seat pods, kayak foot braces, red. Swift Canoe & Kayak - Solo Canoe Options. All models feature . 05-04-2019, 07:38 PM. Performance Canoes. Canoe, Kayak, Paddle Board, Bike Rentals & Self Launch; Paddling Parties; Custom Group Outings; Evening Paddles; Calendar of Events. Kayak Fishing Gear; Apparel; More Gear; Gift Ideas; Clearance; Paddling School; Rentals & Outings. 8 and Prospector 14 can be seen in the pic. The New Tricks. PROSPECTOR 14. $1700. 6 SK KV BLK FMS FBI 2021. Made of the revolutionary T-Formex material this boat is indestructible and will last long after most lightweight boats fall apart. 150-400 lbs. 5 "at center 12. Feb 04, 2018 · the 1988 swift canoe catalog had a fellow named 'prospetor bill' in an add, some old bearded guy with a 'familiar' look, one rubber-booted foot in a sport-pal type tin can talking about how great the lines of his birch-bark painted boat were compared to the more modern sawyer type designs that bill swift jr was building under license back then. Built professionally in 2007 by Kris Henderson of Henderson Boat Works, Seattle, Washington. Today's paddler needs a boat that maximizes performance without sacrificing form and function. I bought mine used a couple of months ago and have been paddling it at least twice per week since then. Swift Shearwater Manufacturer's Description: Many paddlers would enjoy solo paddling but are put off by the small, tender solo canoes that the dedicated solo paddlers prefer. The Lifetime canoe is a great addition to your water sport fun. Wooden canoes are a great tradition. $200. Length: 17' , Beam at gunwale: 33. The Prospector 14 is the quintessential multi-purpose solo boat. carbon fiber, kevlar fusion gunwales. fiberglass Swift Osprey. Display: 24 per page. 00 shipping. On our showroom floor you'll find a great selection of Swift, Northern and MadRiver canoes as well as kayaks from Swift, Wilderness System, Perception, and Dagger. Light and tough in one canoe! For over 30 years, Souris River Canoes has been perfecting the creation of wilderness tripping canoes made with duPont™ KEVLAR® fibre. The laminate is fused together with a high impact, flexible urethane . Swift River Fly Fishing offers three models of wooden canoes, designed specifically for anglers, suitable for fly-fishing and water fowling. Adirondack Pack 12 Description. Northstar Canoes ADK LT 10'6 StarLite Aluminum Trim - Clear - 2021. Would consider trade/partial trade for my Keewaydin 15’. Handles well and tracks easily. Designed with racing in mind. A proud dealership of Mad River Canoe, Swift Canoe, Nova Craft Canoe, and Northern Canoe. These 4 are Swift's current solo line-up and I had only . Northstar Canoes are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, to the original retail consumer, for the usable life of the canoe as defined by wear. The Discovery 119 Solo Canoe from Old Town is an agile model designed for rapid movement across the water. I have also tried similar canoes from Wenonah and other canoe companies that make some very nice light weight plastic solo canoes, but they usually cost significantly more. For long range solo trippers, or for those who need room for gear or a four legged partner, the Shearwater is the way to go. 8 $800 $800 . $799. Asking $800, open to offers. The boat even in kevlar is heavy. A $25 cleaning charge will apply to any boat returned in non- rentable condition. A high volume design, combined with a low sheer line makes it a joy to paddle in varied water conditions. Full Ad. Thus I still have 4 questions about them: - which canoe is the most efficient to… Overall, this canoe is superb and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a fast, stable, solo canoe for day tripping or excursions up to ten days. 99 $ 799. There are many reasons to choose a Souris River: This is an excellent feature for longer canoes. 8 cruiser. Jackson Kayak Liquidlogic Kayaks Loon Paddleboards Native Watercraft Northstar Canoes Nova Craft Canoe NRS STAR Old Town Canoe & Kayak P&H Perception Kayaks Pyranha Swift Canoe & Kayak Venture Kayaks Wenonah Canoe Wilderness Systems Northstar Canoes Northwind Solo Specs. 425 lb is the weight at which you will have six inches of freeboard. Northstar Canoes will repair or replace hulls or components at our option. Quick view. Clipper and W Adirondack Canoe Company is the culmination of our early exposure to the joy and craftsmanship of boat building, and the platform to carry forward and share our lifelong passion for canoeing. 00. LAKES? NAH. Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman - Factory Second. Adirondack Canoe Company is the culmination of our early exposure to the joy and craftsmanship of boat building, and the platform to carry forward and share our lifelong passion for canoeing. 661. 8 is an adventurer’s dream. Adirondack Lakes & Trails Outfitters carries a complete selection of canoes from Old Town Canoe, We-no-nah Canoe, and Swift Canoe. 99. The new Northstar Canoes line appeared on American showroom floors with a limited run in 2013, just a year after Bell’s non-compete . Our canoes are built to provide a lifetime of fun and adventure. It tracks very well and manoeuvres with ease. Please call for prices (518)359-3228. Capacity: 700 lbs. View inventory and prices here. The Quetico 16 also makes an excellent solo canoe. Type: Solo/Racing. Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products. [email protected] Our canoes are equipped with Teal I or Teal II deep dish, ash, contoured yokes for comfortable portaging. Archimedes principle is that weight of water displaced =weight of displacing vessel makes 385 in a 15 foot long canoe displace more than 4 inches of water. The Quetico 16 is an excellent solo canoe as well as a solid 2 person canoe. Bought used only took it out a couple of times. Paddle & Portage is Australia’s only importer of Wenonah Canoes and we’ve been proudly bringing them to Australia since 2011. Its body is made from lightweight rotomolded polyethene and at only 11 feet in length and 49 lbs it can be carried by just one person. From online; asymetrical design, can be paddled solo,good for lakes and river running. The 15ft Standard Kevlar Canoe was first introduced to The Portage Store back in 1982 as our first Kevlar canoe. There are many reasons to choose a Souris River: The focus here is on solo canoes, Adirondack pack boats, and the gear used with them for day paddles, extended tripping, and freestyle paddling. Get Started. Hard-anodized strength aluminum gunwales, finished with durable ABS end caps. $3350 $3395 $3395 32 lbs. weighs about 30 pounds. We believe that we build the best composite canoes on the market. In our Flex-core constructions a structural-foam core is laminated into the hull, orienting the composite fibers carefully to distribute loads. 67 deluxe outfitting. Asking $7500. Hang out with Scott from Swift Canoe as he walks you through the all-new Prospector 14 solo canoe! Available in multiple configurations that allow you to pad. Swift Canoe Osprey. This does mean that you really do need to find the right boat for you, as it is harder to solo a bigger model. Designed with Canadian style in mind, the Prospector 15's symmetrical design means it can fill the needs of solo trippers and tandem paddlers alike. Swift Canoes' Solo Osprey Tripper Prototype by John Winters. Northstar Canoes Northwind Solo Specs. CASH and CARRY, $2000. Designed like the traditional Adirondack pack canoes this boat is a great choice for those looking for a lightweight solo canoe that is small and lightweight, but still offers great performance and durability. 34 lbs. These boats are made with blow-molded HDPE and are built to be stable and safe on the water. Old Town Canoe Discovery 119 Solo Recreational Canoe - 2021. Sep 7, 2016 - Swift Canoe & Kayak is a leading manufacturer of high quality composite canoes and kayaks, built right here in Canada. Lakes, rivers or rapids, the NW Solo will lift your spirits every trip on the water. We believe Ranger Canoes to be one of the finest quality Kevlar ® hybrid canoes available today. Wenonah Canoe Wee Lassie 10. Ready to race in the 2019 North Americans at Huntington Lake, CA. Light enough to be portaged without limitations, many campers will be able to portage this canoe while . Layers of Carbon, Kevlar, and Innegra cloth sandwich a durable foam core and rib system. I am looking at the Keewaydin Combi 16 or maybe a prospector that I can paddle backwards when solo. Swift Canoe & Kayak Demo Days; Regional Paddling Races; About Us. We've reincarnated Jim Henry’s original benchmark design, the standard for versatile performance, with the all new rugged and abuse ready T-formex material. Overall, I have to give GRB Newman Designs an A+ on the Legend prototype. Swift Keewaydin 16 Pack Tandem . Industry capacity on the Kee 15 is 425 lbs. Complete with twin axle trailer for storage and trailering. Rounding out our camping and accessory lines are a wide array of accessories from Harmony, Level Six, North Water, Primus, Eureka, Mountain Hardware, ASOLO, Bomber Gear, GSI, Grey . Your body size, weight and personal preference will determine the profile that is best for you. Optimum Strength. 29 lbs. paddled Swift's new solos today. New Hampshire Quality Kevlar ® Hybrid Canoe Manufacturer, buy factory direct, lightweight custom built Kevlar ® hybrid touring canoes, NH canoes for sale right from the builder. Check It Out. Experience Mad River Canoe. Welcome to Souris River Canoes. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery 119 Solo Canoe, Green, 11 Feet 9 Inches. Solo. The hull exterior is built of matrix (Kevlar and carbon combination . Whether you use this canoe for fishing, day outings or short to medium wilderness tripping, you will be delighted with its versatility. 27 lbs. Simon Gardner and Chad Smith have over 25 years combined experience in light weight boat building. New this was a $1600 boat- Swift still makes this, but not in the plastic. swift solo canoes

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